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RDSE - Retail Digital Signage Expo< /b>

Retail Digital Signage Expo is Europe’\; s only dedicated event to retail digital signage. Featuring the entire ran ge of suppliers\, from screens and kiosks\, to content management\, media players\, networking solutions and more. RDSE provides a one-stop shop for digital signage and screens. \; In addition to the wide range of vendors\, RDSE has a vast range of excit ing features\, including a FREE dedicated conference programme jam-packed with retailers and industry experts\, as well as a host of hospitality and networking opportunities - all under one roof.


Join the retail digi tal signage industry:  \;http://www.retaildigitalsignag


Location< br>National Hall

Hammersmit h Road


W14 8UX


Exhibitio n Day 1

Wednesday 2nd May 2018 \;

9.30am - 5pm

Exhibition Day 2

Thursday 3rd May 2018 \;

9.3 0am - 5pm


Follow us and the industry on Social Media < /b>

https: //

@rds_expo \;